Hey friends! Thanks for taking some time to read all about me. I so appreciate having you here and can’t wait to get started working together and cultivating relationships literally out of thin air, on the internet!

So, I wanted to start first with some random, quirky, facts about me, mostly because that's my favorite way to get to know other people! So here goes, and then scroll down if you wanna hear the juicy goodness of my story.

  1. I am a FIRM believer that cauliflower should never be pizza crust. Never. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Life is short - eat the pizza.
  2. I love to grocery shop. Love it. Like picture Julie Andrews dancing in the Swiss Alps and that’s me in a grocery store. Sometimes I think I should become a part-time click-list shopper to make some extra cash but quickly realize those people are on a budget and in a time crunch. I could spend hours in the nut butter aisle alone. Oh man, I love it.
  3. I am an intense and staunch homebody. I could stay at home for days, weeks, or months and rarely get cabin fever. However, I am also one of the most social and outgoing people you may ever meet. Scientists may, one day, study me for this.
  4. I will never give up pen and paper or real-live-hold-them-in-your-hands-and-smell-the-page-as-you-flip books.
  5. When I was about 13 years old I specifically remember telling my mom that I wanted to marry a Jason or a Joshua because I loved those names, less than ten years later I found my Joshua and I married him. Good thing he was way more than a name!
  6. I started college as a fine arts major specializing in photography. I still love, and try, to create art in some way every single day. I practice hand lettering, photography, watercolor painting, writing or create play-doh dinosaurs, whatever's available.
  7. When I was pregnant, with Aiden, I missed sushi more than wine or anything else on this Earth for that matter.
  8. I am a Chicago-suburb grown girl, which means I use terms like “oofta” and when I say “mom” people often repeat it right back to me as if I spoke a foreign language.
  9. I have a secret, deep down, dream of one day building furniture for sale. I love woodworking, building furniture out of materials and roaming the aisles of home depot only to always discover there’s an electric tool for something I’ve been doing by hand all along.
  10. I got married at 21 years old to a man that I met, while both working at the Gap, and he signed me up for a gap credit card that he now wholeheartedly regrets.

Ok, ok, now on to what you came down here for, my story. How I became the girl *ahem* woman who is sitting behind this laptop speaking to you. As you learned above I started as a photographer. I loved it, of course, but came to realize that I was only doing it to get more time in the dark room for free and what I loved and wanted to pursue was science. I also knew I have a heart for people and for watching them progress and grow as individuals. After many late nights researching careers in health care I kept circling back to nutrition.

I found a love in nutrition mostly because I didn’t know a lot about it and had a insatiable thirst to learn more. I started in a local program, just to test the waters, and after shadowing a few dietitians, I fell in love with the job. I fell in love with practicing nutrition. It was medical, but personal; it was science, but also an art.

I finished my degree, and an internship at Mayo Clinic, then passed my boards and was on to my first job as an enteral nutrition support dietitian, and years later this is still my 9-5. Basically, I work with people who can’t swallow by mouth anymore and have to use a tube to feed themselves. I work with formulas, synthetic, natural, organic, or blenderized. I love it. I do, but I also have been here for years and the interest I have in nutrition spans further than formulas. So onward to blogging, sharing on social media, and personal coaching.

Since nutrition 101 I've had a strong desire to learn more about prenatal nutrition, postnatal nutrition, and pediatric nutrition. No, not while in a disease state (which is what I do now) but in everyday life. How young families can use nutrition and wellness as a tool to truly better and enrich their lives and the lives of the generations to come.

I want to work with moms, parents, and with families to help guide and coach them to live fuller, longer, healthier lives by utilizing nutrition to it’s fullest extent. Teach families how to eat well, together, according to their bodies and it's needs. Teach them how to enjoy cooking, shopping, preparing, and thinking about food. I want to work with parents on how to feed an infant or a toddler, how to pack lunches they’ll eat, and how to instill in their kids a desire for healthy, whole and nutritious foods that will follow them into their adult lives.

I specialize in this as a nutrition coach. I am available to work with personally, or as a speaker in a group setting, and plan to have live webinars available to help you get a kickstart. If you’re sick of diets, sick of setting poor examples for your kids, if you’re sick of not knowing who to believe or what to follow I hope you stick around and hear what I have to say. I hope you engage with me, ask me questions, share your progress with me, or reach out to work with me directly. I am Denver based, but technology has created a platform in which I can coach you no matter where you live.

You can learn more about my philosophy as a dietitian here, and let me warn you - it’s not what you would expect.

Thanks for sticking it out with me and reading to the end. As a special bonus for your commitment, one more random fact about myself: I have killed, murdered, destroyed, or starved every single plant I have ever brought into or near my house. And yet, I keep buying them. Poor plants.

Find me at my favorite homebody friendly hangout spot, Instagram, (@faith.in.food) and let me know some of your quirky facts there, especially if we share any!

Be well,