I changed my Instagram handle. There I said it. And I did it. I hate to admit it but it took me a lot of time and a lot of waxing and waning to finally just do it. Seems so silly now because honestly who cares?

I wanted to take a little time and space to explain why. I wanted to explain what this name means to me. It wasn't flippant. I had this name for a long time and although the original plan (in my head) I had for it was as a book title, I found it calling to me recently and writing a book isn't in the plans. At least for awhile...

I had previously described myself as an "anti-diet" dietitian, which although is true, doesn't speak to my mission. I was listening to Libby Rothchild's podcast and her guest spoke about how we should be speaking in positives and how "anti-diet" although true, doesn't convey the positivity around food that we are promoting. That got me thinking. I always promote a healthy relationship with food. Talking about what you DO enjoy eating instead of focusing on what you don't. Focusing on the energy and comfort food gives you and not the guilt or the shame that you may feel so why am I using a negative? So I circled back to faith in food.

I like "faith in food" because it has layers (just like ogres). Through MANY conversations with people I see that we have fallen away from trusting our food. We are at odds with it. Food or food groups seem to have gotten the villain role at some point in our life. Food is the enemy.

So many people are trying to get energy from zero or low calorie foods. We're trying to give our bodies the least amount of energy we can while wanting the most amount of energy we can get. We have some sort of rivalry or battle going on with food. Good food vs bad food. Healthy food vs junk food. Skinny food vs fattening food. Lists of foods we can eat and lists of foods we "can't" eat. We need to start re-building that faith that food is just that, food and our bodies can be trusted around it.

I also love how faith in food weaves in my beliefs. I believe that God made food, all food, for our enjoyment and nourishment. I believe He intended for eating to be inherently guilt-free. I don't believe His plan was for us to be at odds with food or our bodies. I think He's saddened by our distrust in the bodies that He so intricately created. I think we have a long way to go to rebuild this relationship and it starts now. So please, follow me, share my posts and ask me your questions, I want to help lead you down a path of finding faith in food again, of trusting your body again. I'm excited to share what's coming next with you - I have some BIG plans and can't wait to show you!