I think it's fair to assume that the majority of us moms have an internal struggle. Most of us struggle with body image. We feel less than or not enough. We feel like we would be happier with different thighs, or a flatter tummy. Maybe we think our arms jiggle too much or our dress size is too big. Some might worry about being too bony or too thin. Most of us believe that if we could just change certain things about our body the rest of our life would fall into place. If we loose those extra pounds, that belly pouch, or those thunder thighs we will feel better about ourselves and then we will be confident.

The truth is - it doesn't work that way. Confidence and self-acceptance comes first. You are exactly where God intended you to be - and that includes in your current body. The way it is today. Yes, right now. You are enough, you are beautiful and you were created in the creator's image. Yes, you. Yes, right now.

If you're thinking that God made a mistake, or you fell off track then might I suggest that you're putting a cap on God. You're basically saying "I am sure God didn't plan for this". What a tragedy that you think of God in such a small way. He planned for you to be here, today, He wrote your story. He intended for you to look this way right now. And guess what? He INTENDS for you to look the way you will look in 5, 10, 50 years. He is in control. He is your creator.

This is not to say it doesn't matter how you treat your body. He calls us to respect and honor our bodies. He calls us to self-love and confidence. He calls us to strike a balance between what we need and what we want. He calls us to self-sacrifice and even indulgence. He commands us not to worry over our bodies.

Your confidence comes from God, who He is and who He has made in you. Your self-worth should come from Him and Him alone. Not your dress size or your thigh gap. He has made you and He will provide for you. Listen to Him and He will lead you to the nourishment your body needs.