Hey friends! I'm Aly and I am a registered dietitian. I love food, hate restrictions, and am passionate about teaching people how to have a healthy relationship with food. I specialize in working with families, mostly moms, unpacking and unlearning food rules and rebuilding an infrastructure of health that is rooted in positivity, compassion and knowledge. My mission is to work with families to promote peace with food, drop diet mentalities and help foster healthy body image. I want to work with parents of small children to help preserve the instincts we are all born with to try and avoid future food trauma that can develop once engrossed in diet culture. Read more about my philosophy as a dietitian here and if you want to know more about me click here. If you're interested in working with me, click here. You can count on me to meet you where you're at, guide you gently to a path that you may not have even known existed.